Why this blog ? Hmm, tough one…

I don’t intend to become a writer. Although, it would be really nice to be a writer; spending long nights at a café terrace, travelling to many foreign destinations, all the while naming it “research”… Yes, I wish I were Hemingway writing his Moveable Feast in Paris. But that’s not the point.

So, why, then ?

I guess mainly because, as the title implies, I find myself with time to lose. Better put, I find myself with time on my hands, and might as well use it to release that creative side of me that I’m not entirely certain exists, but am nevertheless willing to seek.

As for me, I enjoy travelling (perhaps because I can’t answer simply the question “Where are you from ?”), cooking, reading, the great outdoors… and hockey. I happen to be Canadian, eh…

As of this writing, I find myself in Toulouse, in southern France. Not travelling, actually, but attempting to settle after having spent a year and a half without a place to call my own. And it so happens that I settled here after having found a job (step one in my resettling process) only to have said job taken out from under my feet. Hence, the time to lose…

So here goes telling the world (or myself, whichever is interested) about my experiences, thoughts, and anything else I might happen to feel like sharing.

Good reading, and thanks for stopping by.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow. In Toulouse with nothing to do but get lost. My sympathetic responsible side wants to say sorry and it will get better. My happy go lucky side says, “how awesome, enjoy the time and the area!…(and yes I am jealous).” Thanks for visiting my corner of the blog. I have never been to Toulouse but it does make me think of one of my favorite movies as a kid “Les Aristochats”. I had the book and the audio tape that I replayed many times. If you don’t know, one of the kittens was named Toulouse.
    I’ll hopefully be visiting my family in France again soon once I get my pesky passport situation figured out. Maybe you will have visited some intriguing places by then that you will have posted about so that I may glean from your posts.
    I’m interested how you find the work situation over there for a “foreigner”. I keep thinking about heading over since I have a little family in France and a little more in England (I am British by birth, French by mother and the first 6 yrs of my life and american by the rest of my life).
    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your comment Sophia!
      I am also torn between thinking I really need to get a new job soon, so I can settle back into some sort of “normal” routine, and thinking that it is actually great to have all this free time to enjoy in a new city! Mostly I just feel kind of guilty for secretly enjoying myself…

      I must admit I have a bit of a head start on the ‘foreigner working in France’ deal, because I’ve actually been in France for the better part of the last 20 years. I have a degree from a French school, and have worked in France previously. Still, you never know what difficulties might be in store, since being of foreign (non-EU) citizenship means you do have to deal with a whole lot of red tape!

      Well I sure hope I’ll get around to posting some more about the area. I’ll do my best to try to lure you across the Atlantic ! 😉

  2. I also happen to be far away from home (as I think you already saw on my blog) and it’s curious that my hometown is close to where you are now, crossing the border to Spain, though. I hope you are liking it there, it’s beautiful!

    • It sure looks like a beautiful area – and I will for sure cross the border to see what it’s like on the other side, too! Hope you have fun on your own adventure 🙂

    • Thanks a lot ! The photo is of the “refuge du Ruhle”, in Ariège in the Pyrénées. I’m a newcomer to the Pyrénées, but they have a definite appeal – something of an out-of-the-way melancholy that befits the mountains so well. I’m sure you’d like it there !

  3. canuck,eh? azzyoo know, i stumbled by ’cause o’ yer name (alias?) — not too many inukshukky people.
    it appears you’ve started blo(r)ggin more recently than i, and yerrawph to a good start.
    see you’ around — R B

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