Balancing act – Fail !

Rats. It’s been 6 days since my last post. So much for daily posts for NaBloPo Month.

Ah well, I never really believed that I would be posting daily – that’s a bit much for me, seeing as how I have a tendency to start feverishly writing about something, only to realize an hour later when I’m just about done that… well, it’s not really any good, and I didn’t manage to convey whatever feelings I was aiming for.

That’s why I am sticking to my day job. As soon as I have one, that is.

Wordpress unbalanced scales

WordPress, it’s not me, it’s you !

For some reason, I have the hardest time finding my balance on WordPress. Either I end up spending hours and hours browsing all kinds of blogs and leaving comments whenever I’m inspired, or I don’t open WP for several days, as I busy myself with “real world” stuff such as job applications and shopping and cooking.

And even if I am on WordPress but have decided to take the time to actually write some posts – for example during the first few days of NaBloPoMo where I managed to post more or less daily – then the writing and reading and replying to comments takes me forever ! So I don’t even manage to read all the blogs in my reader, despite having devoted an hour or two to WordPress.

You’d think there are enough hours in a day to do some of both – especially these days, seeing as how I’m unemployed. Yet I haven’t yet succeeded in finding that delicate balance between reading familiar blogs, discovering new ones, writing my own posts, and living my offline life.

Ah well, maybe some day I’ll get the hang of it. Or maybe I’ll just keep on going on WordPress binges every once in a while, followed by a few days of abstinence. Whatever, works, right ?

At least there is one thing that reassures me : I seem to not be the only one having trouble with the WordPress balancing act, so maybe it’s not just me, it’s simply that WordPress is a hard drug. Right ?


6 thoughts on “Balancing act – Fail !

  1. As much as I love hanging out here and read about peoples lives and stories, I keep it like you do. Real life has first priority. Even if that means I have to follow up one or two weeks worth of posts. If I can hang around more regularly I often alternate between, reading/commenting and writing myself.

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