The J files: still searching for that elusive job

Yes, yes, I know.

There is one particular subject that I’ve been avoiding like the plague, here on this blog. It seems like I’ve gone in all different directions all at once with my writing, except for this one – me !

I was just looking back at the posts I’ve written up until now, and lately I haven’t said a word about myself, really. Why is that ?

When I started off on this blog, I definitely did not have anything particular in mind – and still don’t, actually (can you tell ? :)). But I did figure that I would be writing quite extensively on my search for a new job, since that would be my main activity for the foreseeable future.

Well as it turns out, I’m still looking for a job, and actively so. But the thing is, I really don’t find much of interest to write about concerning this particular subject. I could detail every new application I send out, put down in writing my thoughts on each interview that I take, maybe. But where’s the fun in that ?

So let me simply paint the big picture, starting with a few hard facts :

  • I haven’t worked since June 30th – now in my fifth month of idleness.
  • I haven’t gotten one cent of income since. To think that for over 6 years I dutifully contributed to the state’s unemployment coverage plan… and now that it could actually come in handy for me, well – tough beans. Nada, no enchilada.
  • I keep a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet as a reference to keep track of all my leads, listing application dates, replies, follow-ups, interviews, contact names and numbers, all of it.

    job hunt spreadsheet

    Somewhere in there is the job of my dreams. Or one that will pay the bills, at least.

  • Over the last two years, I’ve worked (a “real” job at least, meaning one I actually put on my CV) a total of less than 3 months.
  • France’s unemployment rate just hit a record high in September, and keeps steadily moving up.
  • Europe remains mired in economic crisis.

Maybe I should start worrying…

But you know what ? I’m not. I am definitely getting restless, and frustrated at not doing much with my days, but I’m a hopeless optimist. So I keep thinking it’s just a matter of time.

After all, I am getting called for interviews, quite a few companies have expressed an interest in my “profile”, as they say. They just don’t currently have any projects where they could use me.

So I wait, I tweak, I ponder… and I blog – about everything that crosses my mind, including this said job hunt. I’ll keep you posted !


5 thoughts on “The J files: still searching for that elusive job

  1. Good God! I agree with pymette – that sheet is impressive.
    With 90% of the jobs here going through recruitment agencies, I now only follow up those where I can actually write to/contact directly. And that are getting less and less. Actually come to think of it – only when I was still looking for a job as kitchen designer I was capable of doing so.

    I know people are asking me that question all the time, and I sigh internally try to smile and explain – again – why and why not. LOL But I can’t help asking you the same thing: any particular reason why you won’t go back to Canada? Or are things just as bad there?

    • Actually I face the same problem: I find it is harder and harder to follow up on applications, because most of the time companies just want to pile up a bunch of CVs so that they can pick from that pile at their leisure.

      Until you get an interview and can actually meet someone face to face, it seems pretty useless trying to follow up on an application. I’ve tried it a few times, only to get the standard reply: “if we haven’t called you yet, it means we haven’t found a suitable project for you. If we do find one, we’ll be sure to call you”…

      AS for your question, I don’t really have any particular reason for not going back to Canada. (As a matter of fact, my dad, who lives there, keeps pushing me to go back :)) I think mostly it’s the intangibles in French / European culture that keep me here: a true love for gastronomy rather than fast food and chain restaurants, appreciating the art of taking your time (for eating, but not only that…), and walking places, not driving everywhere !

      There is a lot I really really like about Canada, and it’s very possible that I’ll go back to live there at some point. Or maybe I’ll end up in Italy…

      Okay, now it looks like I choose where to live based on food – am I really that crazy ? Possibly… 🙂

      • 😆 I don’t know – I haven’t been around your blog long enough. 😆
        But if it’s any consolation – I’d be that crazy to do it.
        Seriously I am glad to have found someone online who sounds like me.
        Maybe – at some point – possibly – next move – …..

  2. wow, that spreadsheet looks intense. The interviews are definitely a good sign; hope you find what you’re looking for, soon!

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