Coffee and taartjes all around. On Jupiter.

Look what came into the post today! (this Jupiter-day that is…)

So just before my fall into the oblivion of writer’s block (does that count if one is not actually a writer ? I wasn’t blocked trying to write, I was blocked because I didn’t even try to write. Does that make any sense ?) – anyways, before this absence, I got an award ! Yay ! Coffee and taartjes all around !! (that means coffee and cakes :)) Fireworks !  A parade ! Confetti raining in the streets !

No ? Well, at the very least, I am going to make myself a nice hot cup of tea.

That’s better. Now, where was I ?

Word-slinging gunn-man Managua (who I hope won’t mind the lousy wordplay) nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership award, isn’t that awesome ? I think so too, thank you every much.

I think it’s awesome because not only is it a team award, it’s wonderful, and it’s a readership award, not a writing one. I find this great because :

  • let’s face it, getting something wonderful is always nice
  • team awards are always best, because it shows you’re a great team player, and it’s not just about individual accomplishments, it’s about making the team better! (sorry, I think my job interviews are rubbing off onto my blogging. Can I bring up this award as an accomplishment in my interviews ? I’ll think about it…) So you prospective employers out there, see? see ? This proves that I’ll be a great fit in your organisation !
  • I like the “readership award” because I do a whole lot more reading than writing, so this is very fitting to my blogging experience, and I’m really happy to be considered a good team member reader person thingy. (see why my reading is better than my writing ??!)

Well, on with the hard facts then :

1. The Nominee shall nominate 14 team members over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be ALL on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, etc

Okay, this is a great start. I’ve already failed requirement number one. Umm, the prospective employers I was talking to earlier ? Yeah, you can stop reading now. And forget the last couple of sentences you read. Just remember the great team player part. And think about kittens.

Yep, my 7 days have turned into a good… many days. Well, technically, there is no mention of whether these are Earth days, or say, Jupiter days. Are those much, much longer than Earth days ? I’ll just go ahead and assume that they are. Therefore, if I count in Jupiter days, I might still be within the regulated timeframe. Ha ! Spaceman Spiff miraculously saves the day once again !!

2. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 Jupiter-day (1 Jupiter-week) period

Yes, well, see, the thing is, I’m not yet such a seasoned well-versed blogger (well, in a sense I am seasoned – heavy on the pepper please – but not in the community blogging sense, which I would say is the whole point of these awards). So that’s why I’m allowing myself to defer this list of nominees. Come on people, you’ve got to earn these nominations, I’m not in the habit of giving out freebies!

So I’ll hold on until I’ve gathered enough of a readership as to be able to give out these 14 nominations. Hint, hint, go wild in the comments, and you’ve got a great chance at a nomination ! 🙂

Oh but wait – since I unanimously decided that I was counting in Jupiter-days, I still have about 4.3 days left? Jupiter-days, that is, and those are loooong. Stay focused, readers, geez, how long is your attention span ?

Right, so with that in mind, I guess I’ll just have to get back to you in a bit. However, in order to maintain my integrity I will of course not claim this award for myself until I’ve fulfilled all of its obligations. So no badge for now, I’ll proudly claim it at the end of the Jupiter-week.

3. The Nominee shall make these rules, or amended rules keeping to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader s/he nominates

Right, well, see, this is where I take the amended part very seriously. And I am amending the font too, for good measure. I’d put blinking stars and flashing arrows pointing at the ‘amended’, but I’m not sure how to that.

4. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post: ”A Great reader is…………….

…….. an active reader. As in a reader who lets you know what he thinks, why he likes a post – or why not. After all, monologues are only fun for the most ego-centric of us, for the others, it’s the conversation that’s the whole point. So I try to leave comments whenever a post has intrigued me, convinced me or touched me in any other way. I don’t do it often enough, of course, but I try. I hope you will too ! (and remember the part about your getting a great chance at an award for yourself…)

OK, I’m going to be completely honest with you : I had started writing down a couple of nominees, and then I realized the award was called readership award, so it should probably be about readers of this blog. I think. Hence all the fuss about waiting about until I’m rich and famous and don’t give a crap about who reads this blog can host many inspiring conversations on this blog.

But what the hell, since I already wrote down this stuff, here it is. Consider it an appetizer of my nominees…

On to the interesting stuff : here are some blogs you should definitely check out :

  • The Hipster is no longer writing (much). That’s a shame, because her combination of humor, wit, and writing skills is great. So go check out her blog archives anyway.
  • The Good Greatsby definitely deserves a mention, seeing as how he is a celebrity (and we should all worship celebrities don’t you think?), and, mainly, what a great name he’s chosen.
  • If you’re hungry, do NOT check out Sybaritica. Seriously, it’s full of mouth-watering recipes, all brought to you direct from Iqaluit, which is a feat in itself, I would say. If you don’t where that is, think north. More north. No, waaaay more north.
  • The Audacious Amateur Blogger is depressed. And that’s a shame, because her writing is quite fascinating. From sensual sex acts that’ll make you wonder whether porn movies are for real after all, to wild road trips that would fill Jack Kerouac with nostalgia, she’s got some great adventures to tell. Go cheer her up and hopefully she’ll bring us some more.

With that said, I’ll meet you in another Jupiter time zone for the rest of this !

Oh yeah, here’s a poll for you : are blog awards chain letters ? Should we care, or just consider that they are a trigger for inspiration in the same way that WordPress’ Daily Post is ?




2 thoughts on “Coffee and taartjes all around. On Jupiter.

  1. haha, I can totally relate to the sentiment about everything starting to sound like a job application. I wrote 4 cover letters this evening (wait- only 4- felt like a lot more) and can assure you that I would be delighted to bring my skills to the team!! *cringe*

    anyways, congrats on the non-chain-letter-ish award 🙂

    • Ah yes, the cover letters are my favorite part. This whole idea of explaining how motivated you are for a job that’s described to you in a dozen lines…
      “It’s been my life-long dream and ambition to work for a company that prides itself on, umm, making a huge profit. Hire me ?”

      Good luck to you with the applications !

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