Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Well, I never really planned on getting in on the weekly photo challenge, or the writing challenge, or any other challenge out there, for that matter. As it happens, I just read the post from our dear WordPress gurus and immediately thought of this picture I took in Jasper National Park, which I quite like, thank you, if I may say so myself.

Being the generous soul that I am, I therefore decided that I should not deprive the world of the epiphany it surely will find upon viewing my entry. I think I owe it to mankind, which after all has been fairly nice to me. So without further ado :

Lovely flower with mountains in the distance, Jasper National Park, Canada

Well, what did you expect ? I’m not a photographer, I don’t even call myself an amateur one. I own one camera, which is a Canon Ixus 40 (as in 4 megapixels), and it dates back to when 4 megapixels was a big deal for a compact camera. I’m also not particularly artistic, being more of the geeky type, if I must really be honest (I’m not a geek, I’m just favorably inclined towards science). So really, what did you expect ?

I just happen to like this picture, so there. Sunshine, a pretty flower, and mountains in a dreamy out-of-focus background. That’s all it takes to make my day ! And why not ? I like to think of it as a reminder to stop and smell the roses – or whatever flower you happen to pass by – and it also triggers all kinds of happy memories from hiking in the mountains, enjoying the freedom of it all, the hardships, the successes, the good times and the not so good that you nonetheless end up looking back fondly upon.

Mountains tend to do that to me, leave me contemplative – and happy. I hope this will have the same effect on you.

Oh, and on that subject, you might want to visit the Jump For Joy! project : I think it’s just a terrific idea – it can be so simple, and so powerful to find joy, even in the little things.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

    • Gee thanks ! I must say I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the positive responses to my photo. Maybe I’ll quit my day job and become a professional photographer.

      Actually, I already have quit my job, so does that make me halfway there ? I think I’m on to something… 🙂

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