Things I’ve been doing instead of looking for a job


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  1. Damn you WordPress !! Seriously, shouldn’t NASA be doing something about this huge space-time continuum void, instead of sending their robot Lego to Mars ?
  2. Grocery shopping at the farmers’ market far too often. The cheese vendor recognized me after having been away on holiday for three weeks. And I’d only started shopping there a couple of weeks beforehand. And I don’t even like cheese.
  3. Cooking. See above. Gotta do something with all that fresh produce…
  4. Watching the Daily Show. Jon Stewart for President !
  5. Cleaning. You can tell when I’m getting desperate.
  6. Reading. All these boxes of books we struggled with when moving have got to serve a purpose.
  7. Browsing news websites. Rarely have I been so well informed.
  8. Running. Again, desperate times.
  9. Learning apps development. The geek in me wanted his part in the time-share.
  10. Did I mention WordPress ? Seriously, folks, do something about it already.

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve been doing instead of looking for a job

    • I’m not saying it was bad, that’s for sure 🙂
      At some point it would be nice to get back into the “active” citizens column, though. Either that or just leave on another long road trip, maybe…

  1. I *wish* I was recognized by a cheese vendor. Sadly my recognition happens at our local sub shop, where the owner knows my order (veggie on whole wheat, with guacamole) right when I step in. Too many subs?

    • Ah yes, that fleeting moment when you think how nice it is to be recognized… which is immediately replaced by the guilt-laden “uh oh, too many subs ?” 🙂

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